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SMS Messages to customers

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Recently we got a lead on a great promotional idea from the PMA bestphotolist.

We are now sending SMS messages to all our customers when their order is completed using a program that lets us send FREE SMS messages. We are using www.mobik.com to send the messages, and whilst I know they cannot cover every country in the world, I would urge all members to seek out a local free supplier to do this.

In the last 2 weeks, We have received over 30 positive comments from customers about how good it is to get the message, and we plan to continue to keep doing it. We have also now changed the workflow in our lab so that all customers are SMS'ed after printing, and before the completed order is filed away.

We now ask for mobile numbers rather than land line numbers so we can use this service.

As a side benefit, we expect our phone bill to drop as we no longer have to telephone customers for most messages. We also use the program for messages to staff, and anywhere we can use SMS.

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Great iedea..

I discoverded this forum yesterday night. I am the owner of a printshop in Holland. We print on a frontier 355. Today I informed the staff about sending the SMS to the customer and I signed up to at textmagic.

We had nothing but positif reactions from our customers at special the ones who use our 1 hr printing service. While they are shoping they received our SMS message

Ferthermore we are printing photobooks by using the clixxpixx software and hardeware and Powis binder and fuji makeover software.

We are also doing Bio passport photos for two years now.

If I can be any help I would like to know..



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I've been sending SMS to my customers from last year.

When photos are ready I send an SMS.

But I don't do it in a free service. My own operator has online SMS, you have to pay

for each one but it's a very low price for that service.

The online service is free and you pay for every SMS the same price as you send it

with your mobile.


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