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We're currently running a very successful promotion that gets away from the 'per print' issue and achieves a more respectable average sale. Our digital print volumes have always been good but we still had lots of people printing orders in single figures. What we wanted to do was to get these sales back up to an average of where a 24 exp D&P sold for.

Taking a leaf out of McDonald's book we created "Combo's' that focused entirely on products other than 6x4"s. $20.00 was an average D&P sale so for that value we offered either 40 3r's, 20 5r's, 5 8x10's or 2 12x18's. The drops on our usual prices were dramatic, paper use (compared to a 6x4 D&P ) about the same, but what it has done to the volume is astounding.

In reality we have never done huge numbers in enlargements because our pricing was based on the good old days when ad agencies, commercial customers, and the like paid big dollars - even rush rates! Now they're easier to make than ever before and we've changed our mindset on pricing which has brought the volume.

It's worked well for 6x4's too, as many people will be encouraged by the pricing then opt for the standard size.

We're in the depths of winter here now but to see all our kiosks busy is very satisfying when the rest of the retail industry is in the doldrums. Our only challenge now is to create an even better promo for next month!

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we get around having small digital orders by having a starting fee and a 1 hour flat fee, but a fairly low set price per print, so having paid the starting fee customers get carried away with the lower per print fee and more often than not our digital orders are for 100+ prints a go,..  I have considered offering a per kilo price for prints to really shift this mindset :)

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