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Yes.. the story that indeed Kodak were/are going into own brand film, started knocking around a year or so back... Desperate times, for a desperate company, that have not got a clue how to look after there once loyal customers... Next they will be in competition with Scotch or is it 3M :)

As they say.. trust Kodak, cos they know best ;) ROFL

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When Agfa went tits up the film they made for Jessops was discontinued. It was replaced as the Jessops free film with a Kodak brand film of a type I've not seen anywhere else. Soon after that Jessops had a new own-brand film marked "made in the USA". I think we can safely assume therefore that it is made by Kodak. I don't see it as necessarily a bad thing that Kodak make film for others. After all Fuji do it for Boots and they have emerged as the undisputed leader, at least in Britain.

However, I think the decline of Kodak as a photographic manufacturer will continue after they pulled out of printing, b&w paper etc. We certainly don't sell many of their films compared to Fuji for colour and Ilford for B&W. Their printing service contracted from high street shops was appalling in terms of quality, delays, wrong print size, wrong finish, missing extra sets and CDS etc before it closed down and their digital cameras are inferior to the likes of Nikon, Canon etc and of course Fuji in my opinion too. I don't see Kodachrome having much life remaining for example, which is a pity.

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