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We are always looking for new ideas on what we can sell, gut reaction is always keep it photo related, but with many goods running with low margins, this is not a good idea.

We are trying something new, and you may want to look into this. We have a local art shop selling prints and memorabilia, so we have got the owner to let us have some of his stock (for free) to see if we can sell it.

Only just started this, so will take some time before people know we are selling such things.

But when you consider the capital needed is zero, the commission is good, plus we are selling frames with the prints.

So have you ever tried anything like this?

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We have been doing this in our shop for about three years now. Sell well at christmas. YOU MUST be careful about fakes! We only buy from registered dealer with photo proof of signing where poss and always with certificate of authenticity

They are a good conversation item in the shop so you soon learn about a teams history !!!!!!!

2 orders this week and one waiting to be collected, deposit paid......

Football memorabilia 2 - 0 Cameras Athletic !

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