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We produce all of our promotional, point of sale material and press ads ourselves, thus enabling continuity throughout our "look" inside and outside ( all are produced via the Frontier) If anyone would like samples let me know.

A permanently running CD show works well, it is easy to set up especially if you have a kiosk, you can either make jpg files to run in sequence or use a progamme like Opus and put that on a low spec computer and run as a silent salesman and this can be amended very easily to include any offers that you wish to include seasonally.

We also produce our full price lists via the frontier, each page is kept as a photoshop file in case of alterations. This enables the digital doubtfuls to see (and feel) the quality. We also produce a sample book with all our services illustrated and this is spiral bound so it is easy to add or remove pages.

If anyone wants more info or feels we can be of help let me know via the mini lab page

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Well done Joan, what you are doing is superb, and as you point out you are killing two birds with one stone, as your own POS is also a sample of the sort of work that you can produce.

The other great thing with producing your price list etc on your Frontier, is that you can just do short runs etc. And alterations/corrections can be done very quick.

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