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Gary from White Technical, has posted up a link to his site which has a few free downloads  :).

One of the links is for a freeware version if image recovery software, for a freebie, it looks pretty good, and would be well worth you down loading.

More details on the down load page at White Technical http://www.whitetechnical.co.uk/downloads.html

Or to download direct use this link


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Hi people, I know that this topic is old, but as is fixed and the link still broken I wanted to help.

I'v tested so many softwares for image recovering these years, as amateur customers keep accidentally deleting photos. I tryed Recuva, Easy Photo Recovery, GetData and others...

I can say, without any doubt, the best is the PhotoREC, a free and open source sotfware based in DOS. I even done a "home benchmark" and tested these software in a heavilly corrupted SD card and the PhotoREC obtained not only more photos, but more valid, uncorrupted files.

You can download it at the original website: https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec

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