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Out door banners - Tutorial

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Papergraphics... you should see all of the material that they have!! Speak to Sarah, tell her Neil from BT Photographic told you to phone here is the number 0845 1300 662 or http://www.paper-graphics.com

Ask for a product sample book, and if they let you have one, you are going to be amazed at what materiel is available to you!! They will "haggle" over price ;) We are getting our 200 grm paper and 44inch canvas from them, cheaper than Fuji Hunt ;)

Nick, Lifetime of the banners, well it depends on the amount of sunshine etc they are exposed to here are some more details

Outdoor banner vinyl

375 micron matt white banner vinyl

weather tests prove OK after 90 days unprotected

I will get a sca done of the spec sheet and post it up

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Hi Neal,

I have just seen your info on making out door banners, I don't have a wide format inkjet printer,but I am about to purchase 2/3 kiosks do you think I should seriously look at having this as part of my services? which Epson have you got? and which one is the biz now?


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We have a 9600 (44 inch) For the cost of holding a roll of the banner material, then I would say, yes go for it.

Very happy with the Epson 9600 and no major problems, to report (if I did have any I would post up)

I would suggest that you do get a rip of some sort, as this will make things a little easier for you.

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