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Large Format Print Costings

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Many thanks to Dave for sending us some information on the costings for large format printing. This is strictly to be used as a "rough guide" only.

You will need an excel viewer on your PC to view the link, please get this, if you do not already have it from Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C8378BF4-996C-4569-B547-75EDBD03AAF0&displaylang=en

To view the web page with the costings, please use the link below..


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Which brand of paper are you using?

Is this costing using the area of paper used, or the linear amount.  Eg a 12*16 print uses 12" of paper and leaves more blank paper than it uses.  I know some of the RIPs allow nesting, but if you only have one print to do then there is a lot of blank paper.

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Thats correct nick. As neil pointed out it is a rough guide as there are other variables to consider as well IE which dpi setting you print at, the costing presumes 720. We have found volumes sufficient to nest the work anyway and if you are not using a RIP it is easy enough to nest your work in photoshop. Hope this helps.

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