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How to build your own kiosk *Tutorial*

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did you find an internal card reader and did you get the kiosk to work?

I tried Neil's link above but megadata don't list any card readers (not that I could see)

I can't get the kiosk software to work at all, won't even start up, but I am using a usb reader so perhaps that's the problem.



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I didnt manage to get one from Neils link but I gave them a call and they said that they couldn't sell them directly (something to do with a license). From there they put me onto Maplins:


They do sell them however they are out of stock at the moment. I am trying to source another supplier I will post it up if I find one.

With regard to the software not working I'm not sure whats wrong there we already have an external reader on the pc it's installed on and the program runs fine so I dont think it will be that. Have you tried downloading the software again from neils mirror?:


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I was in PC World this weekend, and they are doing a CD burner complete with a 7 card reader built in, no idea if this would work, or how good it is, but it did look nice..

Oh, Dave,  your webserver is now live, and I will mail you your details to-day..

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Neil- think there's a problem with your download mirror.

When I tried to unzip it I got an error message 'file invalid or corrupted' and that's as far as I can go.

I can unzip the download from the other site but then the software (kiosk) won't open.

It's probably me doing something wrong- If I have a chance I'll phone you on Monday and perhaps you can talk me thru it

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Mnnn, you are right Tony, there does seem to be a problem with my mirror  :B Let me look into this, and get a new zip file done... Oh, it is Early here, only 1.00am, and I bet everyone is all tucked up in bed *I wish* but thing to do, and all of that  ::) oh, one day, I will be all tucked up and fast asleep at 11.00  ;D

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I am curious if there are any other inexpensive kiosk software options available. We are trying to set up a low cost self serve photo kiosk but can't find suitable software that is user friendly.

We are looking to send directly to the printer not save as a folder option.


Paul Eby

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