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Christina Rose

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I'm trying to put together a simple grid price list to estimate the cost of printing canvasses ( H X W ) I've tried using the epson running cost calculator but it seems incapable of giving me an image size when it calculates the cost for the media I'm choosing. the page size option has no effect on the cost calculated and although I'm getting different costings according to the roll sizes I choose (24" & 44")

there is still no indication of the image size being used to calculate the ink cost and the support people at Epson don't seem to understand that all I want is an approximate cost per square inch or per square foot so that I can set up a grid.

I know it's not going to be accurate and that ink coverage will vary , but surely it's not beyond the ken of epson to be able to give an indication of the amount of ink used on canvas for a given image size.

I'm trying to run a business here ... How hard is this?

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