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Chromira 30''


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With the best chromira you have more definition and possibly mmore focus.

The focus of the Lamda is compensated electronicamente, the problem has that the distance of the point of light with the paper is not the same in the center of the copy that in the borders.

In the border it has to focus compensating electronicamente and in the center to get out of focus in order that it does not have so many difference. Anyhow the quality is good.

Sorry My English is very bad.


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ZBE has two versions , Chromira 1x 30  and chromira 5x 30.

1x is a very slow machine with 5 inches/minute(with 30 inch paper)writing speed, where as 5x is five times more (25inches/minute), So look which speed suits your work load.

Even I am looking for a Chromira 5x 30 machine. But I am not able to decide on whether to go for integrated printer/processor or non integrated version.

can we get some  used integrated ones in the market.

It is more relevant to compare Chromira with Durst Theta's rather than Lamda's. both use LED technplogies. where as Lamda use laser technologies which has its own pros and cons.

Though the laser print quality is good compared to LED prints, replacement cost of Lasers is very high and also as said in the above post the sharpens is not uniform through the print especially at the edges.

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we are using the prolab 4 years now and we are not happy at all with the wet part the dryer and the cutting system at  all .only quality from the printer itself is good and does not need much service . The thinking off automation has brouht us lots off headaches and still does so we are looking for other solution .Zbe thinks because its one off the first machines but we had allready many upgrades and still not propper working.My advice buy only the printer .

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Are you saying you don't like an integrated system as opposed to a chromira, darkroom, RA-4 RT processor, and a separate cutter?

I really can't see where the "hassles" are with a darkroom.  You have to work in the dark, sure, but it amounts to going in with an x-acto knife, cutting the paper (not yourself!) and taking maybe 30-60 seconds to make sure the paper is loaded straight before hitting the run button and getting "the F out."

There certainly are issues with RT processors, racks jumping, jams, but they tend to be few and far between, at least in my experience.

I'd think the cutter would be the biggest source of waste, having it out of alignment, or having to do by hand, it's very tedious.  But I suppose an integrated chromira would be troublesome too.

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x-cutter does not make big amount of waste. main source of waste in the system /chromira+dark room+RA-4 processor + cutter/ is the chromira printer it self. cause you have to make leader 60-70 cm every time when you need to cut exposured paper for development or change the paper.

in integrated system the length of leader is almost nothing.

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I'm talking about errors in the cutting or kinking during this stage so that you have to re-do the printing.

What's so bad about a 2 foot - 2 foot 4 inch leader?  If you don't have protective leader you can ruin the first print.  I guess it depends on whether you value your time at nothing or not.

If you have to go in and redo a 16x20" (400x500mm) print because of a jam, that leader will pay for itself.

With any RA-4 system, your percent utilization and paper run size will determine the "cost" of the leader.  If you're only doing one or two 16x20s a day then it's a problem.  If not, it's probably not worth running the machine anyway.

If you're not getting 25% utilization on your chemistry every week, the cost of dumping chemicals will far outweigh the cost of a couple feet of leader. . .

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