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Newbie - What to buy?


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Been doing inkjet printing for a while but our business is booming.  We need a large format silver halide printer.

I need to be able to print 10x30 and 12x24 as max sizes.  Possibly longer (but probably not wider than 12").

I need the quality to be phenomenal.  Top notch.  

Plan to print with Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD paper.

Do you have any recommendations?  Thoughts?

Also, since this is new territory (coming from large format inkjets).  What kind of learning curve am I looking at?  Any resources I can look into to train/learn.

Thank you!

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This excellent news and a beautiful

I think that this subject needs a lot of research and study,

Overall I personally do not have any tips I give you,,

But I like you have a lot of passion that I follow you any tips are members of the brotherhood here,,

At the same time I'm also looking for used minilab machine

I love learning and also benefit

God bless you

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Software is also a major consideration when choosing a lab.  Fuji's MS software system is very versatile and can run a number of printers including some Epson wide carriage inkjets if needed, Noritsu's EZ controller software is easier to use and color manageable.  I would try both before buying.

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