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I have a question about the inks for the 9800 too. We would like to use the compatible inks but our supplier only has the 9880 inks. They are still K3 ultrachrome but I see that the 9880 has different colours - like vivids. Are the standard colours - like light yellow, yellow etc, compatible? It is hard to find this information on any of Epsons websites.

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   I couldn't agree more cecilh, Epson inks may be expensive, but there are reasons for that. Consistency of colour and machine longevity being only two. Like me, you operate in a low population density area, therefore repeatability (consistency) and customer satisfaction is far more important (comparatively) than saving a couple of pence per print. Not to mention the inconvenience of replacing your machine every 12/18 mths (bearing in mind the lack of warranty if 'pattern' or 'compatable' inks and parts are fitted).

   The only experiance I have had with compatable inks was to watch Epson ink run like water from a machine that had its seals eaten out by the usualy over acidic 'compatables'.

   In this particular case, although I know some 'pattern' manufacturers are getting prety good with the colours, The actual chemistry is not allways as it should be.

  A question, would you give your high performance, highly engineered, modern car an oil change with a cheap non-branded oil from the boot-sale when it was designed to be lubricated by a premium oil that was ten times the price, just to save enough for a couple of gallons of fuel?

  Having just completed a run of 25 6'x2' vinyl banners, with a solid yellow background that used just over half a cartridge, £30, I still don't see the advantage of 'patterns' in this case. I only got the job because the orgainisation was concerned with the difficulty of internet trading of this type, and even though my quote was over 1/3 higher than the average internet price, they snatched my hand off - I could have gone higher :-/

  'Cest la Vie

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I have an old Epson Stylus 1290 photo printer that I use for general printing, and have been refilling the same 2 cartridges for 4 years now with no problems.

I wouldn't do this with my wide format printer though, only because I am nervous about the longevity of 3rd party inks, and not much information is usually given about where they come from.

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Hello everybody!

i have Epson Stylus 9600 Pro. To decrease expenses i tried to use non original inks. As a result i had to change the printing head soon.

and pay extra money to service center.

does anybody knows where can i purchase original pigment inks for Epson 9600 PRO with good price?

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there's a sight called ink2image.com that has these "compatible" inks for all kinds of epson wide-format printers at a less than half the price of epson. It's called Lyson Cave Paint Photochrome V2 or V3 if you modeled after the epson ultrchrome.

Has anyone has tried them?

Another place to look is digital2you.cc has actual epson wide-format inks (including the 9600) for less than I've seen anywhere else.

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There are a lot of labs using the Ink2Image inks and InkJetMall.

We use InkJetMall inks.  Same color gamut (a little better), same encased pigment inks, etc.... They can be used without purging or cleaning prior to installing the inks.  We've been using them for over a year with no problems on our 7880.  

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