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Dirty mark at the start of Epson 7600 prints

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our well loved 7600 is putting a brown smudged mark about 1" into each print, - about 2 - 3 " across the first corner of each print.

When I watch the printer working I see that the print comes off fine, but as the print advances it seems to curl a little bit off the metal back plate, - and get 'scuffed' by the print head as it moves back and forth across.

It seems to be worse when we are near the end of the roll as the paper gets more curly.

The scuffing seems to get done by the bit of black plastic below the print head that contains the cutting blade.

I have tried to clean behind this bit of plastic, - but am wasting a lot of prints, - and resort to printing on oversized paper to avoid the marks.

Any suggestions ?


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Hi Phil, we had a similar problem a while ago. It was with some really heavy paper that just would NOT lie flat, and occassionaly get it when I have a crinkled corner. I left the cartridge paper loose on rhe roll for a couple of months, then it was just about printable, the crinkled corners just get advanced a couple of inches.

   Apart from that, sorry mate..........

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FujiHunt Premium Lustre 240gsm is my standard, which most people like, but I have used the photosatin 260, without problem.

  It does sound as if the leading edge is lifting Phil, unfortunately I don't think there is any way of removing the excess ink and preventing build up in the future. Looks like the best way out is to give at least the first print a couple of inches lead (if you are nesting), or every print if printing individualy. You may use a little more paper, but won't (shouldn't) lose prints. Apparently the vacuum pump is there to hold the paper flat on the platten, presumably you have checked that, but how far forward of the print head it extends I do not know. I know it can be laborious, but have you tried the Epson Tec help?

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