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Spectro proofer

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I have been just involved with Installation of Epson 9900 LFP. along with printer received one more unit called Spectro proofer. also Xrite spectrometer. i know its for profiling and calibrating printer. any body gotta experiance with this? would you  share some ideas?

i have not yet used spectro proofer. but  print quality excellent.



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Usually it is used to measure the color patches to make new ICC profile, but also for doing linearization procedure which will make your existing profiles up to the factory setup when ICC profile was created.

Linearization is very important step and the purpose off it is to keep all head in range from 0 to 100% for that corresponding ICC profile. For ex. RED is combination of the 100% Magenta and 100% Yellow (CMYK), but after some time head is not giving the 100% off the Magenta and your RED on the end is looking orange, but your profile is correctly set, paper is same as profile, but then linearization is needed to be done so your ICC profile can get at factory making state.

Usually that 100% is not maximum off the ink for the head (it would be oversaturated in dark region if it was). Actually when new profile is created from the scratch, then first step is to get Max % for each head but still having good gradation between steps in upper (dark) regions. So the linearization would increase (or decrease) the ink for that head (but only for corresponding ICC profile). I worked with Best Color RIP and each profile had also linearization curve, which could be tested and corrected if necessary.

It was 8 years that I did not work with Large format printers, but my guess that this theory still have same meaning as then

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