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Vinyl printing on epson wide format printer


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Paper & Canvas do the Breathing Colour range.


Most "proper" sign writers will use solvent based inks on larger machines, these are cheaper to run and the material is cheaper in the bigger sizes.  But it is a good addition if you already have an Epson printer.  You use the same inks, just print on a different roll of material.

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Yes indeed , Vinyl.

I have used several of the Breathing colour range of media, and would recommend it.

The vinyl takes ink well, is loverly in a 6'x2' banner. I only have 24" printer, wanna play with a 48" !!

Sorry. We do A 6'x2' vinyl banner with 6 rivets (for fixing).

We had 20 around the county earlier in the year, up for a fortnight only, but not one ripped.

And it makes a very pleasent change to work with.

And you can use the auto cut. I have some self adhesive work to do soon , but probably will be using Epson.

I must get some film , I LOVE transparancies .

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Hi Nick, I think they call it 'vitality', and is very rip/tear resistant. I riveted two offcuts together, and it took two of us all our time to get it appart.

  They do various thicknesses/finishes/material, which do not seem to be on their website, but they seem loverly people and are very helpfull on the 'phone.  They did point out to me that the material I was using was a little extreme for the job (only hanging for a fortnight), but we can get quite gusty down here, so I stuck with my first choice.

There poster paper is worth looking at as well, around

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It is a device used to re-size roll material. the one I used was capable of slitting 8' rolls into individual rolls of varying sizes.

If my memory serves me correctly, the smallest width was 11/2". To slit a 48" roll of inkjet media would take around 4mins to setup, and only 90secs to slit.

If they weren't so expensive it would be worthwhile.

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well, you do have to be a little carefull with the Fuji self-adhesive when printing. I guesse it's humidity, but unless you are very carefull the leading edge will curl and foul up on the guides. agravating, but easily solved with a couple of gash prints and sellotape (just don't forget to remove them after the leading edge has passed the guides).

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I have a couple of questions about this self adhesive vinyl that you guys have been discussing.

How aggressive is the adhesive?, Am I in risk of removing the glass from the window if I peel this vinyl off?

Has anyone let the window washer go over it on a weekly bases, does the ink run?

Thanks guys, I am fed up with signwrtiters that can't spill. lol

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Hi Premco, the Fuji I mentioned previously feels totaly inadequate in the 'sticky' department, but it does seem to stick to the glass well. I have fitted two shop windows with full length and height promo banners, and the traders have not reported any problems (they are a tight fisted lot down here, if there was a problem, I would know in short order). As for the ink running/fading, if you are using cromakey (genuine epson) you will not have a problem. If you use other ink, you will have to experiment.

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