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Extra long prints - Epson 9800


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Hi everyone, It's been a while since I last had to do a really big panel so would appreciate some help please! We have to do some 3m and 9m panels using our Epson 9800. When it comes up on the preview screen no image appears. If you let it print it just starts running the paper through without any output. It's fine with images up to a couple of metres but beyond that it just won't work. We don't have a RIP (is that what we need for these extra big prints? ) and we are printing from Freehand. The image is a simple logo (small file size on a big white background - so I can't imagine its memory etc. Any ideas or work-arounds?

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I know from past experience file sizes above 90mb on 'Preview' the file is trucated, so will only view part of the image and subsequently prints only part of the image. I have had to reduce the resolution get get it to preview/print the whole image.

I also would like to know the answer to be able to print long pics.


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On Epson 7880, thw windows driver limits print to around 225/250 cm any longer and it just cuts off and print blank.

If used with a rip we had no problem printing longer.

Dont remember the name of the one we used, but it was a free one, Qimage or something like thath.

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