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Epson 7600. Where do i get one?


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I'm new here and this is my first post after stumbling accross this forum last night. I'm taking my business a step further and i have decided to offer canvas prints and photo enlargements. After a fair amount of research, i've decided that i will be wanting an Epson 7600 to start out with. Deciding factors were the brand, the price, availability of ink/canvas.

My business did offer this service when i co-ran it with another guy so it's not a totally new area for us, but after some difficulties with the business partner, we went our seperate ways and he owned the printing side of things.

Now i've looked around and the only place i can see them for sale regularly and at a price i can afford is Ebay. Is this the best option or is there a specialist anywhere who sells refurbished Epson printers at a comparible price? Are there any members here who i should approach or shall i just keep to the Bay?

Any advice on this would be great thankyou.

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the 7600 was released over 6 yeaars ago, - and will have seen a lot of use.

the heads/nozzles do block up, - and compared to newer 7800 or is it 7900 the old 7600 will be a lot slower, - and second hand will get no tec support.

We have had ours for about 6 years, - and have to use it in 1440dpi mode to avoid banding if we want real quality, - when it was new we could happily run at 360dpi for much faster prints

I would recommend buying a new current model, - but if you want to make me an offer for mine then I will sell you it, - and get a new one myself!

I am in newcastle upon tyne if you want to see it running?


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my freind buy yourself a new printer( this is from experince) i bought 1 hp 130 nr from ebay,com and another hp3100 44'' from ebayuk

my experince nothing to write home about. the 3100 has continue to ask for one print head after the other ,even after putting a new one.

the 130nr will just not work.so i will say stay off used ones

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Thanks for the responses.

I would go for new if i possibly could but the split with the business partner at an already difficult time (Christmas and the current market state) means that i have no option. I just haven't got the funds or the option of a loan to buy one with. I do know a few people who have bought second hand and they have been happy with theirs so i guess it's just the chance i will have to take.

I am looking at a couple of options at the moment so i will post a wanted ad if i have no joy there. Merry christmas to you all and thanks again for your responses.

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