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problem with Epson 9000


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I went to use my epson 9000 this morning and the print was turning out a lime green  in colour (which it shouldn't be!) I did a nozzlecheck and it appeared the light magenta was missing. The cartridge was empty so I fitted a fresh one. Cleaned the nozzles and started a fresh print- same result! To cut a long story short I've cleaned the nozzles and printed rhe test result about a dozen times. Weirdly, where the light magenta should be it's yellow!! As though I have 2 yellow cartridges fitted. Ichecked to see if the new LM cartridge had magenta ink in which it definitely has., I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software- just in case and the problem still persists. HELP ! any ideas. The attached photo is a scan of the test print, darkened up so you can see what I mean.

I've e-mailed Les at Mandev, awaiting a reply. Does anyone know of any engineers in the South East who would come out to look at it?

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