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Epson 7600 printing 'green garbage' on posters


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Our 7600 has been printing green junk on the sides of posters, particularly around the edges and up to 2 inches onto the paper. It looks like the ink is leaking possibly onto the paper. We've changed the ink cartridge, replaced the waste container, and have done dozens of head cleanings to try to sort it out.

It doesn't always do it, but it's there more often than not. Any ideas what it could be? It's frustrating to print a 24x36, only to find it's ruined from the 'green junk'.

Thanks for any help!

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I don't have a 7600, but had a similar situation with a cheap C88, with a CIS system,

where the little pipette, that pierces and goes into the ink cartridge to feed the printer, had broken off where the black ink cartridge is seated, and would leak/smear black ink all over the print starting at the side where the print head would "rest" (when done printing), and as it built up, the print head would smear it onto the rest of the print.... When the black ink ran out, the problem would go away, but as soon as I added more black ink, the problem would re-appear.

No simple fix available, and ended up replacing the entire printer (it was a cheap printer).

Check the Cyan & Yellow ink cartridge slots (where they plug into the printer) and see if their pipette (thingy) is OK, or broken.

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The green junk is a mixture of inks that have not been applied to the media.  It would suggest that your print head may need a bit of a clean.  On the epson LFP's, a large amount of paper dust is collected next to the heads and these also collect overspray of inks.  Remove right hand panel and gain access tothe head and give it a good clean (around the head) do not touch the head itself.  If you want to know more of how to do this, please contact me.  Regards


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