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7600 head clean problem


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We are having problems with our 7600 heads, we usually leave this turned on all the time. However we have needed to do a head clean and as this was not sucessfull we turned off for an hour or so then tried again.

Unfortunately there's no change.

The machine has been particulary busy recenty producing many 24" x 32" canvases all of which were super quality

I'd be really gratefull if anyone has any suggestions as i'm about to pull my hair out (pullhair1)(pullhair1)


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Isn't it quiet here? everyone must be busy.......

What problems are you having, AJLA, is it just banding?

If it is, head cleaning should have sorted it. Have you checked that the settings have not been changed inadvertantly?

I had a similar problem a while ago, but only on one paper, took me ages (and a fair amount of hair!) to realise that the settings had been changed.

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Do you print with a RIP or Photoshop?

Check the 'properties' for the printer, if you've updated Photoshop or your profiles it may have 'mucked up', but if everything is as normal try giving the Epson helpline a ring (if your not doing anything for the next couple of hours) . It may well be you've worn it out with all those canvas prints!!

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Unfortunately didn't have a few hours spare to listen to the Epsons helpline favourate hits..However now that you say it we are using another version of Photoshop.

Why would it cause banding though any ideas?? Have to say i've no idea what exactly in the settings i'm supposed to looking at

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how is your nozzle check? If that is good, then it must be your quality settings.

Never tried alternative methods of cleaning the nozzles, just use the standard epson utility  clean. I have been told that iff you pause the machine whilst printing and do a head clean it forces it to do a 'power clean'. what value that is.....????

If your nozzle check is coming up good, it indicates a setting problem.

If your nozzle check is poor, and cleaning doesn't help (or makes things worse) it rather indicates there may be a problem with the print head, which will need replacing.

Good luck.

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Apart from the head clean utilities in the driver there are 2 'power' cleans accessed through the on printer panel - cannot remember where - just look around - one called ultrasonic clean i think.

gradually over time we have found an increasing number of micro lines - visible only on some colours some of the time.

Our workaround has been to increase the print resolution .... upto 720dpi - or if despirate 1440 dpi.

naturally the print is much slower, - and eventually we will buy new - it has earnt it's keep every month and owes me nout, - but it keeps limping on doing very good work


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Thanks guys, having spoken with a tech help from Epson last nite via the support chat they also advised that I do a power clean twice ten mins apart and then the supersonic as you have mentioned.  However, when I press the powerclean nothing seems to be happening or is it very quiet?  Also I can't find the supersonic clean for looking, will get back on the chat to Epson and let you know the result.

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Latest advice from the Epson chat line

1. Update the firmware from our website, if the printer has an older version.

2. Turn printer off.

3. Hold down the pause button and turn printer on. The display will read Hex Dump.

4. Press the down button until display reads SSCL.

5. Press the menu button twice to execute the clean. ONLY PERFORM 1 SUPERSONIC CLEAN.

6. Once the SSCL is finished, turn printer off and on. Perform 2 x normal head cleans from the control panel.

7. Turn printer off and leave overnight.

8. In the morning, perform 1 x normal head clean.

9. If this doesn't, resolve issue, an engineer will be required.

I will let you know what happens

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Unfortunately no joy with the above suggestions by Epson, so it may be more serious than I thought.

Shame as I have had to call several customers with nice canvas orders that we are unable to complete the orders.  First time I have had to do this so it's very disapointing.

Now where do I go to discuss this with an engineer??  Epson would charge the earth i'm sure.  Anyone know of anyone?

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I believe that you done what all the preliminary services what we can like nozzle check, head cleaning , power clean etc... so i think better let the epson or autorised epson engineer check the machine detail. may be this problem happens because of some other reasons. in maintenance mode there is an options for checking life span of head.. check if possible. usually life of head they say 28 billion shots.

100 ~ 81%  E*****F

80 ~ 61%    E****F

60 ~ 41%    E*** F

40 ~ 21%    E** F

20% ~ 1%   E* F

Less than 1% remaining F F


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