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Epson matt paper quality


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I am buying my large format prints in at present. The quality of matt prints from an Epson 7800 is dire, flat with little colour and contrast. Is this common or is it more likely they're using the wrong profile?

Thanks for your help.


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regarding print quality epson 7xxx series is excellent. before  ensure that you have to select the excat printer profile in photoshop color managment option. before print go to print with preview option look " color handling - let photoshop determine colors." and printer profile - select which  paper using. for example if you are using epson  Premium Glossy photopaper 250 gsm then selct printer profile " pro9800 7800 PGPP 250". like that you select appropriate profile for mat paper. or do some trial and error method if there is missing exact profile. for mat paper try Premium semiglossy photopaper profile.

hope this may help you little.


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