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Newbie - Black Vinyl, White Text


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Hi All,

Firstly, please accept my appologies if this is not a suitable forum for my question.

My company manufacture generators and use a large variety of low volume labels on the control panel and around the unit. The labels vary in size from 10x30mm to 250x1000mm and are generally a black vinyl with white text (smallest 3.5mm tall). All of our labels are drawn in Autocad (*.dwg) and the labels are self adhesive. Our supplier recently lost their only technical guy who converted the files to their required format. We have found another company that does it but the cost for tooling per label makes it worth investigating in-house manufacture. The labels sit outdoors exposed to the elements, they are mounted on a painted metal surface.

I have started to look at the various web sites and got bogged down very quickly, so I though I'd ask for some help.

Now for the questions (if you have survived the preamble)

Which is the most cost effective method to produce low volume 'one off' self adhesive labels suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions?

(Our old supplier printed white ink on the black vinyl, the new supplier seems to have cut and stuck white vinyl lettering onto the black vinyl)

What printer / cutter machine is required?

(all the labels rectangular)

Any idea of equipment cost?

Any Help is appreciated :)

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