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canon w6400

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hello, this is my first post.. i need to speak to someone about the CANON W6400 WIDE FORMAT PRINTER (before my head explodes!!!!) its about this monstrocity of a machine i purchased a year ago...(i knew i should of bought the epson which was 400 pounds dearer!)....

here are the main reasons i hate this machine:

1: in the printer properties no matter what i do its always set to a5, if i want to print a1 i have to make sure i click a1 and then quickly click print.. if i click another tab or try clicking anything else (paper size,borderless,dpi) then it sets itself back to a5.... grrrrrr

2: when printing onto canvas if your canvas roll is 0.000001 of a mm out, the machine will ask you 3 options first. 1 media type (you then press ok and wait!) 2. roll length (you then press ok and wait!) 3. something else (you then press ok and wait!)... the machine THEN loads the canvas and tells you MEDIA SKEWED ADJUST LEFT... so you have to adjust the canvas roll and then go thru the 3 options again before it tells you MEDIA SKEWED ADJUST RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... oh the pain.

3. right now as we speak a canon service engineer has booked me some new circuit boards to replace the parts in my canon...why is this? because when i try printing a1 posters the machine suddenly stops printing half way thru. no error message. no reason. the printer headjust stops then moves gently left and right about two maybe three inches at a time. back and forth. almost like its mocking me... no one knows why? the technician is baffled! so am i!

can any1 help me? has any else exerienced this problem? have i just got a real dodgy machine?

i also own a epson 4000 and olivetti mf25 these are solid and NEVER had any major problems with them...

ps this is my first post my second post will be..... will swop canon w6400 for hamster (alive or dead) or swop for piece of fruit or swop for rusty old bolt!!!!

rant over. :B

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Hi, I have a Canon W6400. I haven't been that happy with it for different reasons. Mainly dissappointed that the printhead didn't last long on mine.

Are you printing from Photoshop? Mine defaults to A4 size, there is no option for A5 as A4 is the smallest page size it takes. I just setup the size I want and print. You can add custom page sizes.

It also on occasion stopped in the middle of printing and I have had to turn off the power and start again.

If I was buying a printer now I would definitely go for the Epson, in fact I am going to keep an eye out for a second hand Epson.

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Ive been an epson man all my life but decided to go with a hp2100z for my new printer only because of its

built in color and calibration management which really appealed to me at the time.

Six months in I could,nt be more  impressed, super reliable, economical  and great software

Now I am definately a hp Man

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hello colopot... un real you saying the machine stop half way thru... yes i'm using photoshop and it just stops half way thru, no error message just stops... must be half a roll of photograph paper down and a quarter of a tank of inks missing. i'll hav to totally re create the artwork from scratch on a different system usin different software... oh lord when am i going to make money on this machine!!!!.... :o

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hi, i'm using both a network cable and a usb (i'm doing the test on 2 different computers.

here are some up dates on the problem... technician comes down and states "it must be the boards causing the stopages". He then comes back a second time and replaces all three boards.... oops it doesnt fix the problem.... i realise after about 4 hours that we've only tried printing the same two prints over and over! So i tried a basic picture, it worked.... when i say basic it was just a straight photo of erm..."beyonce". dont ask!!!!.... the other 2 pictures were 2 complex pieces painstaikingly put together in photoshop. I'd flatened the 2 images. saved as psd and jpeg 150 dpi. the technician stated it must be my artwork and packed up and left... still back to the same problem though...so i recreated one piece of artwork from scratch on another computer with different version of photoshop... the machine froze!!!!  after hours and hours (or was it days and days!) i managed to work out that it would print a basic pic, photo+txt and border, but throw Filters, hue saturation, levels, re size etc it fails to print....grrrrr.

i'm currently in the process of sending the photoshop files to canon tech support. if they can print it off then i dunno what to do?????    

and today i had to source out one of my jobs, cost

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hi neil,

spoke to velmex who are a distribution company for wide format printers.they said they've sold hundreds of this machine with no complaints... i just cant get it to work, no matter what i do.. ive ran out of an ink now so gotta wait til that arrives. . . keep banging my head sayin "should of got a epson should of got an epson!!!!!"....

the irony of all this is theres a photoshop plug in which comes with machine... ive yet to try this because ive only just found out its there!!

once its installed you just simply go to export and a whole new printing page appears!!!....

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Hi, did you get this issue resolved? I think if it was the printhead, the relevant error message would be shown.

My 6400 still occasionally stops mid print, it seems to lose the connection for some reason. Then the printer just hangs, with the display "cancelling print job" and the only way to to get it going again is to power off & restart. I'm using USB connection but might try the ethernet connection when I get time to change it all around.

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