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Fujifilm Greenbox Wide Format Workshop


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Trade photographic supplier www.photomart.co.uk is to host a Fujifilm Wide Format workshop as part of their SUMMER SHOW bumper day of photo workshops in their huge London studios on 18 June, 2008.

As part of the SUMMER SHOW, a Fujifilm workshop will feature the corporation's GreenBox solution. GreenBox is a combination of Epson or HP wide format printers with management software, including colour management and imposition tools.

Colour management is vital for perfect first time prints and easy switching of media without loss of image quality, eg. from photo paper to canvas and back again.

Imposition software enables you to minimize media costs and production time by quickly and easily laying out multiple enlargements and packages across the width of your media, planned for easy cutting and minimal waste.

The GreenBox solution includes a comprehensive training video, a support package from Fujifilm, screen calibration, and printer profiles.

If you're a photolab looking to put in your first large format system, this workshop is for you.

The Fujifilm Wide Format Colour workshop will be presented by Bertus Vos, formerly of Fujihunt and the South African Air Force Central Phototechnical Establishment.

It's part of www.photomart.co.uk's 2008 SUMMER SHOW, during which an all-star cast of photographers - including Jon Gray, Keith Trainor and Ian Brierley - will present a variety of other photo workshops sponsored by manufacturers such as BOWENS, ExpressDigital, Fujifilm, ICI Imagedata and SONY, on topics ranging from Event Photography to Studio Lighting, Travel Photography, Wide Format, and Workflow Productivity.

Free food and refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and www.photomart.co.uk are giving 15% off selected accessories and consumables purchased at the workshops. Additionally, representatives of many major brand manufacturers will be on hand to extend show specials to attendees.

A single ticket grants entry to all workshops, and all are presented twice on the day (once in the morning, once in the afternoon). You should be able to attend at least two. Tickets, priced at just

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