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Advice Epson 9800 or Alternative?

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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and have been readin with great interest and will continue to do so.  I'm sure you have had these questions a million times from new users - so please forgive me if I am going over old ground.

Present sitiuation: I run a small print management company and we outsource almost all our print (mostly Litho) which includes an uncreasing amount of large format poster, some vinyl, POS and canvas work.  At the moment we do have an old HP500PS which I got from ebay many moons ago and has easily paid its dues - we only use it for straight forward posters on paper.

I am considering getting something like the Epson 9800 - but am open to other options.  The kind of work I want us to do in house would be range from proofing work (for litho print jobs) to save time/money waiting for our print suppiers to send. Posters, Vinyl banners, and hopefully canvas work.  I notice in the blurb about the Epson that it does "edge to edge" print - excuse my ignorance - but does this mean no trimming?

Also - RIP?  Do I need this - I assume this assists in planning the work up across a sheet to save media? What else does it mean?

Anybody got any thoughts on if this machine sounds right for us? Alternatives?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has ideas or can answer my naieve questions.

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we run a 9600 and are very happy with quality and colour (epson provides all icc profiles for all paper surfaces ). we print through photoshop without the need for a rip, and we have printed 40x60 with no problem. also canvas is amazing with it's quality and look (we one time scanned a small art print and printed on canvas and customer was astonished with the results. Photo Portraits printed on the canvas are great too and a great money maker. Last thing is the 9800 has a great feature with the matte black and photo black options that allow you to print B/W prints with the matte black ink only (unbelievable output) where the 9600(uses all the colours to print B/W ) needs you to drain photo black ink to put in matte black.

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