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nozzle cleaning


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We have an epson 4000 printer which is very litely used and on occasions when we come to use it we suffer from clogged nozzles if they are not to bad we can get away with one noozzle clean, however  more often than not we have to use auto clean which as you know involves using a sheet of a4 paper and making several passes of the printheads sometimes we have to do this 2 or 3 times to get the heads clean. My question is do'sanyone have any tips on a, keeping the nozzles clean and b, any shortcuts or tips on cleaning the nozzles so as not to waste to much ink

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Every time you turn an epson LFP on it goes through a cleaning cycle, so even if it was perfect the previous day you end up pushing crap over the printheads just by turning it on and off. the problem appears to be much worse on small format printers especially if using compatible carts.

don't really know why, but my old 7600 has been used most days for the last couple of years and only suffered banding after it had been turned off. so we leave it on. as i now do with a 7800

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