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Advice on media for new epson 7800


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Hi Everyone,

I would like you opinion on what wide format media should I start with?

I am awaiting  an epson 7800 on Monday 30th July. Should my main paper for enlargments be Gloss, semi-gloss,lustre or matt and why?

Whoose canvas is best value and good quality. any other tit-bits.

Cheers :)

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We dont do gloss because of the problem with the white (Bare paper) is glossyer than the rest - we always use 250gsm or heavyer if I can get it - this prevents Cockling.The Kodak is good as it mimics their photopaper and says Kodak on the back. So a satin or a matt. Most large prints are for frames and I tell customers that if they have gloss under glass they get a double reflection, Matt or satin doesnt stick to glass so easy as the gloss... If anyone wants gloss we laminate it.

also we always roll large prints that are going out unframed in tissue paper and then put a bit of tape arround it. This prevents customers damaging the print when they get them out of the tube.

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Hi Denis

There is no paper that is the best. You really need to decide what is best for you!

Kodak, Epson and Intellicoat papers are generally offered by dealers of Epson printers. The benefit of using Epson papers with your Epson printer is that all these surfaces are already set-up in your Epson driver.

Intellicoat makes a superb range of giclee papers. Giclee (zhi-clay) papers offer high quality printing on PhotoBase, Fine Art and Canvas surfaces.

Kodak and Epson make some excellent Photo Base papers and Kodak and Intellicoat also do a wide range of Display media, Vinyls, Scrim etc.

Experiment with some of the other surfaces. When not working with Epson media, choose the Epson equivalent in your Epson driver that sounds the nearest and make small adjustments in your driver as necessarry. I think your driver will also allow you to save the new settings and even give it a name! Read your manual carefully as there are some settings in your Epson Driver you want to leave well alone! Usually you will also be able to download paper profiles from a manufacturer's website to install them to your Epson driver, or to your RIP if you are using one.

Please feel free to call me at Photomart on 0208 5276006 (ask for Jurie) for any further information.

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The problem with some printers when printing on a gloss surface is that they produce prints with a high gloss differential. This occurs when the ink sits on the surface of the paper and as the ink has different specular properties than that of the paper, a high degree of variance in gloss between different areas in the print can be observed.

Pigment inks were notoriously bad. Pigments come from minerals, ie rocks! These pigments do not have very smooth surfaces and as a result they have very low specular properties compared to the higher specular properties of glossy media. Epson's K3 ultrachrome inks, although pigmented, have overcome this problem because the pigment surfaces are smoothed by a fine resin coating.

Also, check the specified coverage in your RIP. If you are putting more ink on the surface of the paper than is needed, the effect becomes multiplied. In the old days, printers were often using up to 400% coverage!

Modern micro-porous paper surfaces also have far better gloss differential because the ink no longer sits on the surface of the paper. These papers also dry much much quicker due to their micro-porous properties.

I recently made some prints on an Epson 9800 with Kodak 260g Glossy Premium Rapid Dry and the results were excellent!

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Some people prefer the Kodak and some prefer the Epson. I've never used the Epson paper so I can't really comment. I've used the Kodak Professional and I must say, I was blown away!

I suppose it boils down to personal taste.

We (Photomart) supply both surfaces.

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only just installed a 7800 but i tried to get Kodak paper to print on our old 7600 and it was Rubbish!

had it profiled proffessionally and was told that compared to other papers it was never going to be right.

also noticed that the ink sits heavily on top of the surface, making it too easy to damage.

Hope this helps.

PS we now use Tetenal papers and they are really good, and the profiles work off the website.

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Well I tried the Kodak paper on my Epson7800, which I found way to thin, even as it was supposed to be 180gsm, the same weight as their ra paper. I think they need to check their scales.  Then I tried the epson, same deal and ridiculously curly, propably caused by the 2" core.

My success story came from Ilford  http://www.ilford.com/en/products/galerie/classic/classicMediaPearl.asp   I created my own color profile for this paper using an eye1, but I downloaded Ilfords profile to use for the Black and White files. Glossy or Pearl this paper is a stunner.

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Can't say I have come across it Photographis, although I am open to all suggestions. Do you know who distributes this in Au?  If anyone needs Ilford paper profiles, PM me with your email, and I will fire them off.

One thing I forgot to mention is the paper is not branded on the back, which pleases me, a lot of people did not like the "inkjet" word on the back of their prints. A legacy from the first inks and printers that were first released with no archival qualities.


For a couple of years now I have been using this software.


US$90.00 it's unbelievable. Raw no probs. I like the way I can create a template to print 2 x 12x18" across a 24" roll, point this software to a folder for eg 100 files, it tiles them, sharpen if required and prints them. As it uses the printers printer driver, it can be used on any windows based printer.

The support from "Mike"  the creator and the forum is beyond belief. A lesson that the propeller heads at Kodak/Noritsu, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, etc , could well learn from.

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