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Difference b/w Relative Colormetric & Perceptual


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The difference between Relative Colorimetric and Perceptual has to do with how colours in your images will be changed.

Some authorities ( including the Adobe Photoshop "Help" and Phil Binks from Bodoni Systems in his colour management workshops at www.photomart.co.uk ) recommend Relative Colorimetric for most images and most purposes. It maps the source colours to the equivalent colours in the destination gamut, and will not usually distort your colours too much.

Perceptual ( recommended by Kodak when you follow their suggested workflow ) may be good where the source gamut is much wider than the destination. It attempts to preserve the relationships between your colours, rather than the absolute colours themselves. It may result in the most change of colour, but pleasing images.

Hope this helps.

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My monitor has been calibrated with Eye-1 Match.  I use ICM setting with my epson printer. What are the difference between Relative Colormetric and Perceptual??  They come out slightly different all the time with different pictures.

Also, you should have 'no Color Adjustment' selected, not ICM.

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