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Canvas Wrap Varish


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When do people varnish their canvas wraps?

Currently we print the cancas and then give it two thin coats of Lyson Print guard spray, to protect the canvas when making up.  Once the canvas is made up we then give two coats of Glamour 2 Giclee varish by foam rolloer, allowing the first coat to fry first.  This is a water based product and an hour is usually enough time to allow the first coat to dry.  

But I am wondering if I should just use the Glamour 2 varish on to the canvas once printed then make up the canvas, it is quicker and easier to roller apply the canvas when it lying on a counter top as opposed to the stretcher frame as it is fully supported.

Any comments??



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I guesse that is something that you can experiment with, it would all depend upon whether the varnish would crack or not.

How do you get on with that varnish, by the way ? lots of people seem to use standard household types, and be happy with it.

Although it is quite expensive, we have purchased some for our canvases, don't want any yellowing etc. where I am, I have a finite customer base, and bad rep. travells FAST.

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Both types of varish are easy to use, the spray can is very quick.  The Glamour 2 is also easy to use with a roller, no need to worry about brush marks etc.  It is water based so dries quickly, is easy to clean up and does not smell.  We used to use a solvent based varish, this was tricky to paint on, smelt and took a long time to dry, minimum 24 hours, and even when touch dry if it was leaning against something for a while it would try and stick to it.

As for house hold varish, I would not be surprised if they go brittle and yellow after a few years, the varishes we use are made for the job, they may cost more but this is a premium product so we want to keep it that way.

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