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Epson 7600 & Photoshop CS1 Print Sizing

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A bit of nostalgia for some.

I'm using Adobe CS1 with an Epson 7600 printer. I'm trying to print a 150 dpi picture as a banner 24" tall by 192" wide. The information I've read is that CS1 can print that large, but while it will provide me with a paper size setting it will only show half of the image and  half a blank page in the print preview.

I remember that in photoshop 7 there was  a trick for printing banners through Illustrator.

Because of the age of the program and the printer, it is difficult to find help through Epson or Adobe, and such references on the web are buried by more current information.  Any suggestions other than buying a software upgrade and a new printer?

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Not sure what the limit is but you can have images larger than 9999 pixels in PS2. Not sur why you can't print your images, but how about making them PDF's and printing from Acrobat (Pro version). It has a much better print interface than Photoshop as it's designed for print houses etc.

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