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Any knacks to avoid the cracks?


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We've just installed our new Epson 9800. It's a fantastic machine and is already earning it's keep! We are doing some trials on canvas wraps and noticed that when stretching the material some of the edges get small cracks. Luckily our supplier has given us some free samples of varying brands to trial but I was wondering if anyone has a recipe to avoid this?

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Interesting, the best value / performance came from the SIHL substrates. We had the rep in this morning who said that many of the fine art printers were using extremely thin canvases and many were importing directly themselves. The most expensive materials were not neccessarily the best, but the cheapest (which was the one we started with - and cracked) was not good when stretched.

Because the 9800 uses the new Ultrachrome K3 inks some of the materials have yet to be tested and the suppliers are wary of making any reccomendations till they have data from the factories.

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