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Tetenal Papers


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This thread seems to be going off on a few tangents so:

1. You can download generic ICC profiles for Tetenal products from their website here:


2. Monitor profiling. It doesn't make sense to get someone in to profile your monitors, buy a Monaco Optix or similar. Have always found these people helpful:


3. Printer profiling. Printer profiling equiptment is quite pricey, for example:


Also, printer profiles shouldn't change very often so unless you're using lots of different paper/printer/ink/chemistry combinations then it's quite economical to pay someone to make an ICC profile for you.

Photographis, I think you're talking about paper setup or similar on a minilab, although the .nkp file the Noritsu's create after weekly setup can be renamed to .icc and used as a printer profile I believe.

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Aha !  Thanks for that JP, I was indeed talking paper setup (emulsion change etc.),

and had assumed that the inkjet profiles would contain similar info that I had created for the Sienna profiles.

  Obviously wrong again.........

So how complicated is it to do a paper change on an Epson large format printer?

I assumed it was simply telling the machine (in paper pref. or similar) to use 'xy' profile. For my printer making a profile is relatively simple, but it is a museum piece. So what is involved ?

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Nice one J.P.

  Quite staight forward once you have the profile.

This question of profiles keeps coming up, it seems that we are not the only ones playing 'catch up' if so many people are wondering where to get them - and finding the people that supplied the paper have them.

  The digital age is meant to improve communication, I've allways been told........

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