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help with 7600 not printing yellow

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Panic.....Too close to Christmas

After doing many big print jobs for Christmas our epson 7600 has decided to quit printing yellow...we did at least 10 or more print head cleanings with no results. We called epson and they said they want to send a tech out on a service call. EXPENSIVE.

Any ideas


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OK, and I know I am not being to much help here *hick* if you let an ink cart run out, you can do a pump out, not done this, so running a little blind.... Hang with me, and let me get some sleep, I will check when I get into work to what the option is that you need to do..

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We finally decided to have Epson do a service call. We soon figured out that we were beyond the recommended time for service. It cost $800.00 US not bad at all I thought for all the prints that we have put through. Epson reminded me that we have been fortunate up until now. We called Monday morning and they were up Tuesday Noon after a 2.5 hr drive in a snow storm.

Thanks All

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out of curiosity what did they do? I have a 7600 also and was having the same problem with the black ink missing nozzles, went thru 8 cleaning cycles to no avail, then I uploaded the latest utility and did a sccl super cleaning, and now I have 3 clogged nozzles instead of 1! Called a service guy and he had me clean park pad with 50/50 mix of distilled water and windex, but I am still out of production. I am going to give it one last try to get nozzles unclogged then I believe if this doesn't work I will buy a new one, they are down to $1995 now that new 7800 has come out and I believe I would rather buy new than spend $800 to fix my 3 year old unit.

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