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scanning neg problems

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We have a newly repaired Epson 7600 printer, now as good as new. We have alot of requests for posters from 35mm negs. We scan on a Nikon scanner, don't remember which model, the one that takes a bulk slide attachment. We seem to get rather grainy results, mind you at rather large prints. Somehow I think we are doing something wrong or can use a better scanner. What do others use as a scanner for negs going to 24x30 on the 7600.



PS How's xmas business...sucks here in Canada

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We alsdo use our 3001 for all our scans - works fine upto 24" x 36". We can scan at 3 different rexolutions depending on the final file size

Canvas is rather more forgiving than photo paper, so scan quality/file size is not as important.

We recently did a 24" x 36" from a file of 1200 x 1800 pixels and it looked great.

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