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HP130 NR roll printer

Mr Noritsu

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I see that you are useing the hp 130 nr for doing canvas prints, we are looking at the moment at buying one and i was wondering how you find it now that it has been going for a while and also how is it for large photos ie: quaility wise and user friendly or do think the epsom 7600 would be better.I do not know much about large format printers but are very keen to get into the canvas printing and A1 poster type of work.

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We are onto our 18th roll of canvas, and have had only oneajor problem with the printer which the HP techservice fixed over the phone.

The canvas quality is excellent and we have had no color management issues at all - the good thing has been that no one expects the image to match a "real photo". We are doing prints from 8x10 to 24x90 inch and the ink usage has been very frugal.

We are about to move into using Kodak pro inkjet paper and see how it goes

The only problem we have is getting the kodak paper from kodak!!!!!

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glad to here that the 130 is doing so well we are tossing up wether to buy the 130nr or the just 130 with out the roll feed as the price between the two different models is quiet a big difference and i under stand that we will not be able to update to roll model at a latter date what do you think? also what canvas are you using and do the print heads last alright.

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We use "magic" brand canvas which is a 17mil Poly cotton material. No print head problems at all, and I would never go with sheet product - its just too expensive compared with roll feed. We have done prints and canvas up to 2 ft x 6ft which you could not do on sheet product.

We are currently looking at using the new kodak pro inkjet paper in rolls as it matches our royal paper with gold backptint, and it does NOT say inkjet in the backprint - all it says is Kodak professional paper

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