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This was from the original forum

We are now using an Epson 9600 44 inch printer, with Ilford material. I have to say that this really is a very nice bit of kit.

The main problem that we had, was that the printer, at the moment is in our actual retail shop, and the lighting is above the printer.

It seems that the sensors on the printer that detect when the printer runs out of paper, can get a false reading due to the heavy retail lighting. We now cover up this sensor, and now (yet) do not have any problems.l

Reply from lizzieb

Have any of you found much demand for wide format printing? We're considering buying one, but aren't sure whether it will be worth it.

Any thoughts?



I would say a very yes, a wide format printer is a must. We used to have a full traditional wet dark room, and used to hand print up to 20x16. Now, no wet sections, no paper processors to look after etc.

The quality from the printer is just superb, in fact when I went on the demos, the quality shut me up for once

I would advice that you go for a 44 inch not a 14 inch, that is if you have the space. The reason, well in the long term you will save money, as you can user larger and cheaper ink cartridges. also you have more options to offer your customers.. You can still run 24 in paper if you wish... Also the cost between a 14 & 44 inch printer is minimal.

We are not just doing large "photographs" but we are now also doing things like point of sale for B2B and already we are seeing repeat business.

Reply from Joan West

We bought the Epson 7600 in July and we are amazed at the amount of work it has generated - so yes buy one

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The quality, is good, very good. Margins, well, this depends on what paper, you use, and there are always deals around, so you do have to do a shop for the best prices.

Also, you will enter a new market place for the work you can do, so it will not just be photo's, but also stuff like POS etc....

If you want a sample 20x16 doing, on a real life machine, just  get a file to me, and I will get you one done.. then you will see what you will be getting.

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Use the setting of 1440 dpi for images upto 300 dpi, 2880 for greater than 300 dpi.  The other point to remember is to use the settings that were used to generate the profile you are using.  If you use a profile and then change the setting the profile can not describe the printer.

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