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Digital Print pricing (UK only)


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We are looking to increase our prices for our 4" digital print pricing. We currently charge 7p for 151 or more on our overnight/3day service. We are using a wet lab.

Our only local competitor is Boots who are of course charging 5p.

We do quite a lot of larger orders and don't often get people walk out when they find out the price.

What price are other UK printers charging?

Many Thanks

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Hi Dennis,

Please don't take this the wrong way, but you must be barmey only charging 7p per print, no matter how many they have.

Look at it this way. Paper and chemicals are costing approx 3.8p inc VAT. If your printer does 600 6x4s per hour that means you are running it for all of £19.20 per hour and out of that you have to take electric, wages etc etc.

At that price, if you are actually making £5 or £6 per hour I would be amazed.

I charge no less than 10p per 6x4.

We can not compare our prices with what boots etc charge as they don't really care too much if they don't turn a profit on the photo side so long as they have bums on seats in the store so they can sell something else to them.

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For 250 6x4 prints next day we go out at 12p each.

As other have said there is no point being busy if you are not making any money.  Even if you do less prints at a bette price you will still make the same or more profit and have time to update POS or other offers.

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I guess the price will depend on location too but I agree witht he others, don't compare yourself to Boots. I start my pricing at 60p for up 5 prints (50p for next day) and go down to 20p for more than 100 (15p for next day). I get folks coming in all the time talking about how Asda charges only 5p or some other shop osmwhere far away charging 10p. As annoying as it is, I simply tell them (as politely as possible) that you get what you pay for.

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