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Epson Surelab


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Here in the USA they are around $19,000.


The prints look nice and service will be chaper then a Noritsu drylab, but likley more frequent.


I local dealer has one, I have talke them about it when I go get paper and chemistry.


They have heard that a new print head is around $1500, which is way less then a Noritsu.


Not sure about reilibility.   Noritsu drylabs don't seem to hold up well.


Price is about the same a preimum paper in your wet lab.   

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Epson SureLab is next main minilab on market. Till now all drylabs incorporated Epson technology and equipment were really produced by Epson, not Fujifilm or Noritsu. SureLab D3000 is really simple and reliable piece of equipment with superb quality of prints and very nice specification. To be sure, new wetlab market is rapidly going down, on P'kina only one new wet lab intoduced on market (QSS3800) and it is far too expensive for current situation. SureLab is aimed for professional photographers, wedding photographers and small family owned shops with low turnover and high amplitudes between high and low season.

Noritsu and Fujifilm are slowly closing their photo market operations, drylab technology is anyhow Epson property and Epson is still growing company.

Concerning KIS DKS4 this should be nice minilab, although quite expensive, but problem is in china made processor and china manufacturing. KIS is not for Noritsu and Fuji owners, they are used owning much more professionaly made machines.

Epson SureLab is future, wether like we that or not.

SureLab is now in position of Frontier 1998-99. Nobody believed that change would be so fast.

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All that is fine but I am an user who has experience with both the Noritsu and Epson Dry Labs and although the Noritsu heads can and do fail and are costly to replace but i have found that they are still more reliable than the Epson Surelab. The Epson machine that i had suffered a head failure and flushing unit failure within the warranty period.After asking around i found that other labs in my area who had bought the Epson surelab are also facing head and ink failure issues. I would not recommend the Epson surelab to anybody and would recommend that you stay with Noritsu even if they are a little more expensive. Also even though the head in the Noritsu is from Epson there is a difference in the head and i have found that the Epson head fails faster. Please note that I'm talking about the Epson D3000 dry lab and have no idea on the smaller D700.

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I have epson d700 with average prints arround 150 4x6 per day

after 6 month i have problem, every morning the nozzle were clogged.

Under warranty epson replace printhead.

7 months laters, i have major leaks on yellow ink house. No warranty.

2 months laters the print head failed (again) , nozzles clogged is back.

get a new print head, and after 1 day..yes a day, 1 channel is clogged beyond cleaning.


i have friend in Malaysia, he have similar problem, and his friend in South Africa have the same problem


i dont know how much ink i already wasted.


now i reget replace my old noritsu with epson...


dont get d700, buy d3000 or wet lab is worth to run

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