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New Dry Lab which is Best?


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Noritsu D-1005 and Fuji DL-450 are exactly the same machine... Print quality is good, although prints with banding, machine is fragile.

Fuji DL600 and Epson SL 3000 also the same, but Fuji works with 5 ink cartridges whilst Epson SL3000 with 6... Poor quality compared with Noritsu D-1005 or Fuji DL-450.

Kodak APEX not bad, but why invest in a machine manufactured by a company almost in bankrupcy?

Check also HP ML2000D.  Good machine, very good quality, versatile.

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1005 or 450 are the same machine but use different operating system. The Fuji version will need a lab server type of input while the Noritsu uses its standard EZ controller. The Fuji software uses the Noritsu maintenance part in the background but they are affectively the same machine.

Its based on the 701/703 print engine but uses the upright stance like the DDP with 2 magazine draws underneath (like a photo copier) so its a free standing unit.The Magazine will take wide paper or 2 rolls of the same width to speed up production. Using magazines that are sealed help keep moisture out of the paper, a major cause of problems on the d701 or 703. Far better Duplex printing up to 18x 12 with cut sheet  and up to 36 x 12 single sided on roll paper, try that on a dye sub.

The deck has removable pads that are removed and washed when dirty,this stops a lot of problems of the ink getting on rollers and face of prints

The 1005 is also available from Noritsu only as a HD version, using smaller ink drops with a double sweep to eradicate banding that can be seen on light colour tones (greys, pale Blue sky's, if you look with a lupe) You have the option high quality, slightly slower, or D&P quality high speed output, Paper and ink varies and will depend on your market, I understand others have been showing alternative ink at Photokina

All in all Noritsu have come a long way with dry systems since they first launched the DDP some 10 years ago

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