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Richard SPC

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Hi guys,

Back in June this year I had an email from a Jonathan Leathem in Newtown Abbey, Northern Ireland saying he had seen my website and liked the look of what we could do for pro photographers.

Reading his email he was saying that he was a photographer and was looking to change supplier for printed photographs, of which there would be many as he already had contracts that we could print if our work was up to scratch, but that he also had connections with a camera club(the name escapes me, but was something like Gorseley) and it's members also had substantial amounts printed.

On the face of it, it all sounded good and I could poss end up with a bunch of work.

However, he was asking for sample prints on various paper types etc. Not a problem usually as I will print 4-6 images on wet, silver halide paper FREE for potential new customers. If a potential new customer wants samples on other papers/canvas I do these at 50% price, but they can then redeem that cost against their first proper order, thereby making the test prints FREE.

This guy was having none of that. He said that it was his company's policy that whatever sample prints they had, no matter what type, they did not pay for. Upon further investigation he was looking to have 20+ sample prints done and when I explained that it was NOT my company's policy to provide everything for FREE, and also that 20+ prints is a totally unreasonable amount anyway as no one needs that many to judge someone's printing quality he got rather arsey.

After googleing this guy I found a website(if you can call it that) for him and also other entries that he has a graphics company. Also it looks like he is an ex school teacher and currebtly a music teacher from a music shop. Don't know why he is an EX teacher at his age, but can guess.

Anyway, the upshot is that I politely told him to ***s off and did not do his prints.

A Pro lab local to me fell into his trap and did one lot of samples before telling him the same.

Yesterday another friend (member on here) asked if I had heard of this joker as he had been approached to do some sample prints.

HE IS DOING THE ROUNDS by the looks of it so beware.

My gut feeling is that he is trying to use us to do his, or someone else's work for nothing and I was having none of that. If any of you get approached by him please make it plain that we are all aware of what his game is.


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