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san marco parts etc a long shot

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anyone here have any spare parts for a san marco personal pro 308 or sometimes known as the 1812 looking for spare boards etc.

also anyone know of any service engineers or anyone on here based in the uk who might still have knowledge of these machines she's now approaching 15 years and lately has only just started to play up otherwise has been running sweetly on a d carrier upgrade.

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Hi Nyohan

thanks for the interest.

a while back the memory on board the machine became scrambled it was like the gate on the eprom or whatever was not opening and closing properly the text was just scrolling across the little screen on the keyboard although i was still able to access the functions either via the computer side with d carrier or around the keyboard by remembering the keystrokes,now it has locked me out of the menus altogether and doesnt allow you to access menus like format film etc although enter keys work ok also wont power down from the keyboard on off button have to switch it off by throw switch on side of machine, have tried reloading data from card but no luck,its like the data has now become scrambled and random.somedays its ok other days wont let you in.

machine still powers up ok reaches temp etc was thinking it could be a power supply problem or possibly something to do with the 2 12v back up batteries or faulty capacitor on power supply.

otherwise she runs sweetly for a 15 year old minilab.

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You can get spares fro the machine from a UK supplier, it sounds like the keyboard PCB, have you tried removing the e-prom on the back of the keyboard and then refitting it ?

Also when was the memory card last backed up, you could try restoring the rom data from that.

If you need a contact number who would have spares then PM me and i can give you the details.



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