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Printing from iPhones


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Is anyone seeing big success printing from iphones? Are customers doing large numbers, being creative - and generally getting excited about the possibilities? Our kiosks don't currently print direct and we're worried for what we feel we're missing out on. Keen to hear other's experiences. Would love an easy 'work-around' to deal with the small order requirements....

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I reckon it will always be quicker through the cable now that it works properly even if apple changed the way an iPhones' bluetooth worked.

Some of our customers have over 1000 images and the cable method is pretty quick now.

We have ordered some more cables and will plug a cable into the back of each kiosk together with a cable tie so they don't get knocked off!

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Our pc is networked to our minilab, so we can use it like a kiosk- just plug the i-phone in and you're good to go! I also give every I-phone customer a card with our e-mail addy on and encourage them to e-mail us orders. They can do this anytime, anywhere. I point out that they save themselves a car park charge etc. We now gets LOTS of e-mails with images for printing.

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We use Lucidiom software on our 3 kiosks which works OK with iphones. They all network direct to our dlab. You don't need a new kiosk to buy their software, but the older the unit the slower it is of course. The only drawback is it will load up all of the last 1000 images on the phone. As you know, having 1000+ images is pretty normal for iphone uses, so with the large files on a 4s this can take 5+ minutes.

Really important that the software has a 'shrink to fit' option, as a lot of the prints will be square Hipstamatic or Instagram etc files.

We probably have 2-3 iphone print jobs a day. Many from these funky apps.

You can of course hook an iphone up to a Windows 7 pc and it will 'see' the DCIM folder, or use a Mac! We run both in the store and for large or custom jobs from iphones we just hook up to the imac. Works a treat. We frame a lot of square app prints, so it's good business.

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I take your point Lab James, However the Kodak kiosk does not have an annual license fee in order to keep it upto date, so in our opinion the Kodak solution works well, and as Trevor Brown indicated there is an upgrade coming which will further increase the Iphone image transfer functionallity.

Kodak Kiosk will attract many more consumers over any other any other unit ! IMHO
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Got the price 1800$. Wel its not much money forr all the stuff you get. But I need only a solution to service the Iphone users.

1800 $ how many photos you need to print before you can start making some profit....

I am just looking for kiosk software that works with Iphone for plain photo printing nothing more nothing less.

Anybody ?????



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