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Supplier Accolades - no brickbats please!


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Seems to me we need some good news in the industry. Recently we had some outstanding service from a supplier - that we haven't traditionally used before. Made me think that we're not recognising some of these companies that are doing their own bit to keep the UK photo market alive. Hopefully others will share some good experiences too.

I'd like to award the first bouquet to Tetenal for some great service, keeping in touch with their customers and generally being nice people to deal with. Well done Chris + Co  :)

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Good post.

Tetenal are great to deal with.  Our rep Phil Henderson is always very helpful.  Due to our remote location in the Shetland Islands deliveries can sometimes take up to a week.  However, Phil and Tetenal have worked out a solution which means we sometimes get deliveries as quick as 2 working days.

Intro 2020 are a company I've recently started working with, mainly due to their excellent rep Ewan. Congratulations Ewan on your new member to the family by the way :-) Intro2020 sell the kind of products photographers are looking for.  Tamrac Bags, Hoya Filters, LensPen, Tamron lenses, Optech Straps to name a few.

Swains have had some excellent digital camera offers recently as part of the Independent Photo Specialist initiative with adverts featured in the Daily Mail.  We've been doing very well with these offers.  The new Olympus SZ14 sold out within two days.  Beautiful camera.  Our Swains rep Steve Allen is also excellent to deal with.  

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