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Picture Keeper

Chris C

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Hi All

If you want something to help customers save images and produce more prints, then the Picture Keeper is the new device for you all, it collates all images from your PC saves them in one place and makes printing them easy on a kiosk minilab etc. As new images are added to your pc the picture keeper will update and only store the new images, additionally once Picture Keeper is full you can add another and it will not re copy the old images it will only copy new images so you have no duplicates.

This really is a great new product that will give your customers the easy solution for printing images !

Tetenal is offering a complete counter display with a bundle of different memory sized package. Call you rep for details or contact Chris Dawson on 0116 289 3644

Anyone else had experiance of the picture keeper ?

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Nice one Tetenal It's great you have picked up this agency. Probably one of the best products on the market right now as all our customers seem to be in overload with their images.

We sell them in the shop and have another one we 'rent' to people wanting to make photobooks. They usually end up buying one anyway, but it's a good way to ensure they come back after making photobook enquiries  ;)

Like Cecil, we've been getting them in from the United States, but now there is a local supplier expect an order from us soon.

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