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Why this traffic drop?


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Hi! I notice that the traffic here and many other websites has dropped.

I had a problem with my printer and waited days for an answer.

Is this because minilabs have no more problems? :)

Maybe the sun outside takes the people out of the house, to a walk, jogging or barbecues, so no more forum contributions.

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Well if there aren't any problems then what a wonderful thing!

I tend to think that forums in general need to do something a bit more to get people in and looking and contributing. If your perception of a forum is one of a place where people moan and complain, then you are not exactely likely to visit.

That is not a criticism of MLH, far from it , but perhaps there needs to be more positive interaction?. A forum should be a place where people share ideas, discuss important issues, etc.

I have to say I was very diappointed by the small amount of response reagrding teh UK printed pasport photo thread. When we consider the impact of issues like this, I would have liked to think more guys would have come on to have their say. Maybe it is apathy, I don't know.

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Its always been busy one moment and not so busy another moment on forums, thats the nature on how they work

Seems a long time back now when I started up this site, with the intention of getting maybe 100 UK lab owners on board. Now thousand of members, and very global.

BUt I do support what Mark says, in that a lot of the <banter> we used to have gets over taken by techie problems.... But thats just the nature of this web site

I often thing about setting up a new on-line community for the <Photo Finisher> but more of a social place, a form where thoughts and ideas can be bounced, plus help and support re things like promotions.

Its only through the likes of Photomart, and other supporters that we keep going but would be interested to hear thoughts on a new community site?

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I will have some time mid May, to develop and start a new site for.. Now this is the question, what are we/you .. For Lab owners? Photo finishers? Image creators

So will need to register a short and easy domain name

Make the site a community, rather than just a leach site

Carry over and add the Mini Lab Help banners and buttons (they help fund here and keep me motivated)

But make the site subscription based? or free?

Other ideas?

Maybe I should start a new thread.. or just grab my coat  :)

I am motivated to get a on-line community going, a self help community where as well as learn, you can also earn...

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Personally, I have no problems with the site. Its just having the TIME to be able to keep up to date with everything.

I'm on 2 Kodak Express forums, 4 Facebook "forums" and 2 others, and on top of that I have to work in, and run, my business.

I think people need to remember that all participants on forums like these are volunteers when it comes to helping others out. I know times are tough in many areas, but sometimes I suspect there are other support options out there, but maybe thay cost money sometimes.

Whoever is looking for help needs to make a judgement call on paid, quick support (if available) or slower (sometimes) free support.

I'm currently away from my businesss in Melbourne at the PMA Convention, so I'm fitting this email in between speakers!

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I know what you mean Mr Noritsu, and also on several other forums that I run

Mini Lab Help serves its purpose very well, and is indeed a source of help and information for the Mini Lab Owner

But it lacks a heart re other areas. We need more of a community area

Need to think of a nice and simple domain name

may be :




Or any other ideas?

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