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Having read this aritcle again I find that the authors of this have never spent more than five minutes in the industry. Technology is a tool, no more, no less. Its a means to an end not the finnished product. Increasingly our customers are getting anti phone camera because of the hassle. In ten years ipaddy/phoney things will be carboot junk. When your house catches fire would you go back in for your phone?

My point is don't get too hooked up in to hitech keep things simple and striaght forward for your customers.

They will return.

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Interesting. That article must be doing the rounds as I saw it on another forum too. I wonder what the new Snappy Snaps shop looks like. Has anyone seen it??

Would like to think consumers may get anti-phone, but 'round our parts it's stronger than ever. Everyone now seems to have one - young and old. Me thinks its a trend that's here to stay.

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