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What's the biggest barrier to printing photos?


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We have been thinking about ways to get customers back printing. With the Olympics coming up we think shops will need to work even harder to get people shopping and spending so want to be pro-active in seeking new business.

What do other forum members think we could do to encourage those pictures into print? All ideas appreciated....

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Noritsuvet is right. The Olympics could be quite disruptive to normal trade - like major events have been in other places too. Locals stay in, business people don't travel and the extra tourists don't necessarily spend. Friends in the trade around the Capital are saying the same thing so they are not alone.

Our thoughts on getting more people printing.... Good print deals, plenty of kiosks and lots of customer service.

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Social media, and a shift in the purpose of photography from documenting or expressing something visual to "sharing" and bragging about your status updates.

I am still trying to figure out a society that has not only willingly abandoned 35mm film in favor of something that was markedly worse (~4MP digital cameras) but then abandoned 8-10MP digital cameras that were just to the point of catching up to the spatial resolution of 35mm consumer for iPhone/smartphone/cellphone cams that are worse than DISC FILM from the early 1980s.

Indeed, some customers I have heard ENJOY that these "smaller files" (aka horrible compressed noisy shit, pardon my French), upload onto Facebook faster!!!

That is where photos are, and that is where the money is.  Problem is, the money isn't in printing it out, it's in getting money, somehow, to improve photographic quality that is at its worst since the box brownie.  I bet stills from VHS tape would give most cell phone cameras a run for their money!

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I think that one of the biggest problems for us is that story has ended with JPG format, and

there's no battle on seeking a better one. JPG is standard, and as I see, nobody is breaking

his head to make a better consumer standard format.

Most people don't care, don't understand, about technical matters of resolution.sizes-format...

JPG is resolution pending, so you have to resize your images everytime you need for web uses

or for printing a big poster or just an 4x6 print. Photos are or too big to send them via web

or too small to print them.

People upload to Facebook, images are downsized, they delete originals from camera,

when they want to print that images, they download them from Facebook (or others) and

sometimes are too small to print them in good quality.

This is right now our daily problem.

We have to make this process as easy as possible, but is not so easy, due technical

limitations of JPEG format.

It would be necessary to have a format like vector images. With a minimum size you can

print or view very small or very big images no resolution pending. In that case people would

not have to worry about megapixels, and it would be easier to take that photos from

everywhere (from the phone to the web, from the web to our shops...)

This is my oppinion in my daily battle in my photoshop.


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This report is not possible to watch it out from the UK, but I think

that recommends to print photos due the unsure data keeping in

HDD, USB, etc., because someday you wake up and the hard disk

is broken, then you loose ALL your memories.

One of our jobs is recover lost photos from memory cards, some

people then realize that printing them is a sure way to keep their

photos for life.

It would be good to have more reports like this one over the TV's

around the world.


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I believe people are getting saturated with photography.

It is to easy now, doesn't have the old days charm, when you were waiting a few weeks or months to fill the negative and see if the pictures are good.

Also, seing the pictures months after the shooting made them more romantic, more melancholic.

Today's pictures are too common, too instant, too many. EmotionLess, so people are not motivated anymore to have them printed.

When on negative they where forced to print, to see them. Now...

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Granted Manager. However I think it is a question now of moving beyond the processing of images to providing services betyond that, in terms of things like photo gifts, and specialised print services. Basically anything that the public cannot do at home. I mean - how many members of the public have a wide format inkjet printer? How many guys have album making machines, mug presses.........?

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