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Agfa D-Lab 1 Print problems


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Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem with prints that my local repairman can't solve, so i thought i'd turn to you guys to see if you could help me out.

My Agfa D-Lab 1 is printing dark/black photos with this bluish edge on the longer side of the prints. It's only noticeable on photos that are either very dark or when a dark object is present on this edge. I'm attaching a scan of a sample of such print.

I have to add that i wasn't educated in photography, I just took over my uncle's business which he gave up on and am now trying to turn it around. The machine isn't in a very good condition and the business currently doesn't have enough income for me to afford a complete and professional fix up. I am trying to learn as much as I can from the user manual and different websites and do stuff along as i go and try to bring a little business back.

Thank you very much in advance

Rok from Slovenia

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Mnogo hvala na odgovoru, i sam sam primetio, da imam problem u kemiji radi male kolicine posla, pa sam zbog toga u settingsih povecao regenerisanje i svake toliko ako treba pustim neke bezvezne slike da mi se zamjeni kemija... sve vise mislim, da cu morat, da napravim neku generalku i cjelu masinu ispustit kemiju pa onda jovo na novo... samo mi se zasad bas ni ne isplati. Treba, da stavim neku reklamu u lokalne novine ili nesto pa da se promet malo digne.

Znam, da nikad nece biti vise kao nekad, ali mi se cini, da moze to biti dobar posao za poslepodne, tj. imam posao od 7 do 3 poslepodne pa onda od 4 do 7 navece u foto da se zaradi nesto vise...

Kako posao kod vas??

Pozdrav Rok

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