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Cine transfer equipment


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I am looking for s/h or new equipment in order to transfer st and super * to Disc. My old eumig telecine machine gave up the ghost earlier this week so now I am stranded!

Has anyone on here got something to sell, or knows someone who's selling or just knows where I can go to buy what I want? I've looked on e-bay and found 2 items that will work for me, both 'new' and custom built, but One is in the US, the other is in France. That in itself is not important but being sure I get what I want is difficult.

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Thanks Nash, Cecil, I made the decision to move into this arena a couple of years ago. This has now become my main area of business, to the extent that I am seriously thinking of getting out of the photolab business and concentrating on dvd transfer full time.

I have just ordered a state of the art system from the states which is being custom built for me.

ICV, don't think so mate ;)

do wake up

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ok, Cecil

it's a highly modified and totally refurbished cine projector stripped out and modified with a sprocketless drive and a LED lightsource (adjustable for brightness) and an adjustable speed controller so we can adjust out any flicker. The 'output' is via a custom made mirror and achromatic lens assembly and the capture device is a canon 3ccd camera set up for the unit. This then outputs directly onto a hard drive, ready for tidying up and editing, we always add a soundtrack, using music we have permission to use by the copyright holder. We add titles and credits and the customer is free to suggest any wording they want, or indeed their own soundtrack if required.

I only got the equipment today. Spent a couple of hours this evening setting it up and then transferred a 400' reel to the pc and after editing it (to get rid of crappy bits at the beginning and end of filming- I'm sure you know what I mean- and then adding a sound track etc, then burnt it to a DVD. I've just watched it- OUTSTANDING- amazing quality.

watch this space   ;)

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Doesn't sound like Tony's doing "make shift" work to me!

There are varying degrees, of course.  Projector onto the wall taped is probably the worse, then there are all sorts of low- to high-end mirrors, shutters, prisms, drives.

I don't like sprocketless transport, as I find it isn't as steady, but other than that, sounds like you've got a really solid system.  They can be put together well, though if you have an aerial system, a solid camera and a good projector, but you have to have the right optics, right lightsource to avoid hotspots, and some serious patience and technical skill to align the image perfectly on the digital "printer."

Another gripe I have about transfer equipment is that a lot of it can't handle color negative film.  This makes it useless for most current (student/professional)work.

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My customers have been sending their cine's to Tony for a few years now, i recommend him on the basis that I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers.

( After all I don't want my customers to come back to me and complain.)

I used to use IC Video too but why not support one of our own guys.

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